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The Best Can I Pay With Pennies 2022. Web private businesses can develop their own policies unless there is a state law that says otherwise. Web the first penny in the u.s.

Paying with Pennies at McDonalds YouTube
Paying with Pennies at McDonalds YouTube from

Web answer (1 of 9): Web 50 pence coins > upto £10. Would you pay fines tickets taxes bills.

Would You Pay Fines Tickets Taxes Bills.

In response to the copper coin's declining value, some stores have stopped accepting it as a form of payment. Web up until the late 19th century, pennies and nickels weren't legal tender at all. So, if you are having problems paying with coins or if you have lots of coins.

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That it's not against the law for businesses to refuse payments for. Pennies are still legal tender, as much as people may wish otherwise. Web 50 pence coins > upto £10.

The Coinage Acts Of 1873 And 1879 Made Them Legal Tender For Debts Up To 25 Cents.

Web i can say right off the bat the customer was paying in pennies just to be a dick. Here’s what the law says: Pennies are legal tender, so it is perfectly legal.

Web In Other Words, There's No Legal Limit As To The Number Of Pennies You Can Give Someone In A Shop.

You can either ask them to deposit the money into your bank account or exchange them for cash. Web answered 11 years ago | contributor. Yes, the maximum for legal tender is 20p, but in practice you can.

They Are Only Half Right.

A care home manager has been ordered by a judge to pay a total of £1,118.62 after he tried to settle an £804 debt to his accountant. Deposit them at the bank. It sold for more than a million dollars at an auction.

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